Below are reviews of our practice submitted by actual patients.

"I've known this wonderful man and dentist for more than 20+years. His staff is friendly and top notch, and many have worked for him for decades. Which testifies to his professional success. Many opportunities he has recommended a procedure delay if it was​ feasible. Never recommends one not needed​"
- Jo L posted directly to this site.

"I have been a patient of Dr. Frank for over 20 years! He is kind, knowledgeable, and unlike so many other dentists in town, does not try to upsell you on treatments you don't need. He recommends what is best for YOU, not his bottom line. That kind of clinical and personal integrity is priceless. I cannot recommend him highly enough."
- Joanna posted directly to this site.

"I have been a patient of Dr. Frank for 19 years. I have benefited from his outstanding skills and experience and have always received an excellent service from him and his staff. Dr. Frank is not just an excellent physician, but a wonderful and caring person that allows you to develop an excellent patient-doctor relationship. This has allowed me to be open in communicating my health issues, so he can address them appropriately and promptly. I also want to add that his staff treat you with the same professionalism, courtesy and friendliness. When I go to his office, I feel I'm visiting with a group of very qualified professionals that really care about my well-being."
- Virgil S. posted directly to this site

"Dr Frank is the best dentist I have been to. it is over 10 years now and I am happy to recommend him and his team to anyone."
- Yosi posted directly to this site

"Friendly, knowledgeable and competent. You will not go wrong with Dr Frank"
- Alan F. as posted directly to this site.

"Dr. Frank is caring, knowledgeable, competent, and professional. Great dentist!"
- Terri Ray

"Dr. Frank has been my dentist for more than 20 years and my husband's even longer. He and his staff have been great with my kids. They love going to the dentist because they make if a pain free experience. The office is a friendly, kind place that truly cares for their patients.
- Lisa H. as posted on Google

"I am impressed with the professional competence and also the warm, personable presence of Dr. Frank. I have been regularly seeing him for well over a decade, and am absolutely satisfied with the care his whole team provides."
- David T. as posted on Google

"I've been going to Dr. Frank for over ten years. He has the most gentle hands in the business. He is very caring and is about as pain free as it gets. He never tries to sell you on any unnecessary products or services. His staff is also very helpful and caring. I've recommended Dr. Frank to several friends and they too, are very satisfied."
- Mark G. as posted on Google

"I was so relieved to find Dr. Frank! He is a wonderful dentist and I have seen him for 7 years! He and his team truly care about you. I have recommended him to others who love him too!"
- Michelle G. as posted on Google

"Dr. Frank is so thorough and definitely takes great pride in his work. I was looking at several dentists to re-new my composite “veneers” on my top front six teeth. I chose him because of his experience in that kind of restoration dental work and also because his pricing was lower than most of others I was looking at. The result was fantastic! Dr. Frank’s experience and artistry with the restorations exceeded my expectations, and I am extremely happy with the result!"

- Megan Weber as posted on Google

"Dr. Frank and his staff are simply the BEST! I receive great care, and sage advice while not being "upsold" on any procedure. My wife, a self admitted "baby" when it comes to dentistry, shopped many dentists until she saw Dr. Frank and hasn't looked back."

- Christian Thompson as posted on Goggle

"If Mr. Rogers had been a dentist, I believe he would have come in the form of Dr. Frank. I’ve been going to his office for four years now. He is one of those genuinely, good people that you come across now and then. As a dentist, Dr. Frank is careful and thorough and one of the few dentists I trust to touch my mouth after some traumatic dental work from the past. Iris, his assistant, is just as kind and careful. This is such a great dental practice and I always leave smiling."

- C Morris as posted on Google

"I have been a client of Dr. Frank for over 20 years and I have never had a bad experience with him or his staff. Always very honest and caring, but most of all he loves what he does. My teeth are perfect and always have been due to his preventative recommendations and experienced staff. Dr. frank and his staff are passionate about what they do and how they do it. I would highly recommend Dr. Frank and his team."

- Derek Leissoo as posted on Google

"I was fortunate 10 years ago when I moved to Denver to find Dr. Frank.
In the world where you can't even get in to see your doctor when you sick, Dr. Frank is a doctor first and a business second. He knows you and actually cares. I can't say enough good things about him and his staff and would recommend him to anyone in search of a good dentist.

- Mark S. as posted on Google

"Wonderful dentist, more than 10 years of great care."
- Joanne F as posted on

"I have lived in various parts of the United States for nigh on over 65 years. I have been in Denver for over a decade, and shortly after arriving I discovered Dr. Frank. He is outstanding both as a professional and as a human being who cares about others. He assembles a team who similarly bring both expertise and compassion, as well as a good dose of humor, to the practice. This is a truly exceptionally good dental practice."
- D.G.T. as posted on

"Dr. Frank has served our family dentistry needs for over 15 years with the utmost in professionalism and care. In terms of family providers, he is without question the finest in his field and there are no others that compare. In addition to his amazing dentistry skills, he has also been a great role model and inspiration to our children in terms of personal and communication skills.

He is a rare combination of intellect, professionalism and personality and certainly will not disappoint anyone considering his dental practice."
- The Graff Family as posted on Yelp!

"I have known Dr Frank for over 20 years and highly recommend him. I would trust him with any dental procedure."
- Werner posted directly to this site.

"Dr Frank is awesome! He's done our regular 6 month check ups and a few fillings for me and my husband over the last 4 years! The staff is great, everyone remembers your name and makes a dental appointment as enjoyable as possible!!"
- Adrienne L. as posted on Yelp!

"Dr. Frank has been my dentist for the past 5 years after moving back to CO. Best and easiest decision I made. I since moved from my existing location and as a result am much farther away now, but I continue to book my appointments here as Dr. Frank is the best... especially at jaw alignment which I believe is something many other dentists lose oversight too and honestly is probably the most important part of your teeth/mouth longevity. I will continue to come here and plan on making my fiancé part of the Frank dentistry team soon!"
- Nicole G. as posted on Yelp!

"I have seen Dr. Mark Frank for 20 years. He is amazing. He is kind and gentle. I trust him with my health and actually look forward to seeing him. He has helped me with my bite and with multiple other dental issues. I have referred many friends and clients to him. I know that he always has my best interest at heart. I can't say enough about this amazing dentist and person."
- Linda D. as posted on Yelp!

"Dr Frank is a wonderful dentist. He has saved my teeth. He is a kind and carrying person. He not only takes care of my teeth he took care of my mother's teeth, he was so gentle with her and made a dentist visit easy. Dr Frank's whole team is friendly and easy to work with and that makes it fun to keep my appointments."
- Shannon L. as posted on Yelp!

"Dr. Frank is a top notch dentist! He has unparralled experience and is totally engaged in patient care, not selling unnecessary filings or mouth guards. You can fully trust his care and recommendations. He's the best!!"
- Jessica S. as posted on Yelp!

"Dr. Frank is gentle and thorough. He doesn't let me feel any pain and that is remarkable. The office staff are nice and professional. I have been seeing Dr. Frank for all of my dental needs for 15 years."
- Karen A. as posted on Yelp!

"Going to a dentist is never on anyones bucket list. But things are much better when your dentist is sensitive, knowledgable, highly competent and professionally passionate. You can always trust Mark to be all those things and to always do the right things, at the right times and at the right cost with you in mind."
- Karl F. as posted on Yelp!

"Dr Mark Frank, DDS is the consummate caring professional. My first visit to his office was for a routine cleaning. Deb, at the desk, greeted me & helped me fill out the routine forms. Iris, the assistant, seated me & made me feel comfortable. Jenelle, the hygienist, took my x-rays & performed a thorough cleaning, giving me instructions on brushing & flossing. Dr Frank came in & did an exam of my teeth & mouth. He also performed a head/neck exam, asking about any pain I might be having opening/closing my mouth, chewing, turning my head, etc. I will be returning to Dr Frank's office for all my dental care. As a nurse, I was highly impressed & do not hesitate to recommend this practice! "

Sally J. as posted on the BBB website.

"Dr.Frank and his staff really care! They are wonderful!"

- Beth W. posted directly on this site.

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